Infinite Quanta Sdn Bhd. is the exclusive agent for Vee Kay Vikram & Company (VKVC) representing the Malaysian market for Pipeline Pigging and Accessories.

Vee Kay Vikram & Company (VKVC) is involved in manufacturing and providing pipeline engineering and polyurethane products. Including Pigging Products, Pipeline Equipment, Pipeline Repair and Maintenance Products, Surge Relief and Pipeline Valves, Floats and Buoys, and Pigging Services.

VKVC established in 1969 by an ex-ONGC petroleum production engineer, has rapidly expanded its product range from elastomer products for oil-well drilling to pipe-line products for use in upstream and downstream transportation and refinery operations, as well as providing pipeline cleaning services for new and aged pipelines.

Products Ranges

  • Pigging Products
  • Pipeline Equipment & Accessories
  • Pipeline Repair & Maintenance


Manufacturers of Pipeline Engineering Products