Storage Tank Equipment

Since 1983, ERGIL, through its ERGIL StorageTech™ brand, has supplied the oil, petrochemical and chemical industries with high quality tank storage equipment. 

From a modern manufacturing plant in Mersin, Turkey, ERGIL StorageTech™ produces a range of storage tank internal equipment, such as floating suction system, oil skimmers, and external floating roof drain systems, and mechanical level indicators, firefighting equipment. Designed to safeguard the integrity of storage tanks. StorageTech™ products are designed serve for extreme conditions to provide best safety choice for its clients. 


Tank Equipment Product List 

  • Pressure Vacuum Vents 
  • Flame Arresters (Detonation, Deflagration) 
  • High Velocity Vent for Cargo Tanks 
  • Breather Vent (Free Vents) 
  • Emergency Relief Vents 
  • Manhole Cover
  • Standard & Locking Type Gauge Hatches
  • Non Atmospheric Gauge Hatch
  • Fuel Filters
  • Sight Glass
  • Mechanical Level Indicator
  • Oil Skimmers ! Drain Systems
  • Floating Suction Pipes
  • Internal Aluminum Floating Roof
  • Mechanical, Foam & Wiper Seals