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Oil Gas Water Process

ERGIL RX Vertical Qocs


  • With the different cover lifting designs available, your work is the easiest and most suitable to your field requirements.
  • Superior mount seal technology guarantees long-term high-performance operation.
  • Existing maintenance includes only seal replacement.
  • In systems where there is a corrosive medium, the surfaces which can be corroded can be covered by considering the price advantage
  • It is almost impossible to encounter surprises with a 4-step security system
  • ASME Secton VIII and API 31.4.
  • U-Stamp
  • 2 different products with detachable flange and welded
  • Applicable for system pressures between 150-2500 #
  • Cover Lifting system can be adjusted manually

Pig Signaller

Product Benefits:

  • Easy to use and install, can be applied to all kind of pigging system.
  • You do not need a special tool or experience to install the pig indicator.
  • Made of corrosion resistant material with long life duration.
Key Features:
  • Special material and O-ring seals are available upon request
  • All pig indicators are specially painted.
  • Pig indicators can be hydrostatically tested on request.
  • Offers spare parts for all of its product during maintenance. Internal inspection and test certificates will be provided for each item